Home line

NeroAmaro is designed to bring us back home.

We all drink coffee, or at least once in our life we have drunk it. Maybe, as children we tasted it the first time at home, when perhaps our father or mother or grand-parents allowed us to taste a drop of that drink reserved only to adults.

Someone drinks coffee to energize itself, someone when has company, someone cannot finish a meal without it. Any reason you have, coffee is a ritual.

At NeroAmaro’s we are convinced that a cup of coffee will get you back home, where everything starts in the morning and everyone wants to return at the end of the day.

The flavour and aromas of our coffee blends could remind our customers that savouring experience they loved and give at the same time new memories and unexpected flavors tasting new coffee blends, to choose from among the delicate but intense ones available.

NeroAmaro wants to bring us back to ourselves, to take a moment for us, at home.