The story

In post-war Italy, there were so many small and very small roasters: this is the story of one of them:

In July 1959, a group of coffee aficionados felt unsatisfied with the coffee available on the market. They began systematically experimenting with various blends of beans and roasts. Over time, they developed a signature blend of highly prized Arabica from the Brazilian highlands, together with a small amount of Robusta, washed them with water and roasted over chestnut and cherry woods from the Italian Apennine mountains.

The resulting coffee was so distinctive and delicious in flavor and aroma that they drank it without sugar. Very strange for those times where coffee was always sweetened.

Called BLACK for its pure color and BITTER from an appreciation of its fragrance and lack of need for sweetener, thus on 18 July 1959 was born NEROAMARO coffee. Brazilian with a traditional Italian twist.

A harmony of flavors, fragrances, and memories, a tradition that after so many years we continue to keep alive with our coffee.